This is an AT HOME workshop! I have provided you with almost all the tools you will need to create your own nature plate in the comfort of your own home.  Grab a partner, sister, friend, child to do this workshop together, weather it be at home or over ZOOM!

Details: You can choose to have your package shipped BUT YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DRIVE IT BACK TO MY STUDIO IN CHILLIWACK TO BE COMPLETED.

Your package includes:

porcelain clay to create a six inch in dia (approx) plate

sponge, knife, popsicle stick, skewer, bobby pin,


work board

circle template

Tools you will need:

rolling pin, small dish for water and any additional texture tools (inspiration is found in your package).

You can complete this project at anytime but it must be brought back to my studio for APRIL 26th.  I will have your projects completed after approx two weeks.  If you miss the April 26th cut off, I will still fire your art I just can't guarantee completion in two weeks.

Your art will be glazed the natural colour of this porcelain, which is a glossy, soft off white.

You will recieve a printable PDF with detailed instructions including pictures as well as the ability to watch a condensed version on IGTV at @threecornersworkshops .  The video is always accessible for reference and has a follow up video for troubleshooting any hiccups you might have in the workshop.  

Still unsure if you can do it? I will also be hosting a ZOOM meeting and can create with you! On April 21st at 7:00pm pst we can share a glass of wine virtually and I can answer any questions you maybe unsure of along the way! Your invite to the meeting will be emailed to you two days before.