Valentines Day Air Dry Clay Art

Air Dry Clay Sweetheart Garland 

I am so excited to share with you my recipe for air dry clay so you are able to create at home! This annoying pandemic is making it hard for many to exercise their creative muscles and I am here to help!

Here is your recipe, but be sure to follow the instructions below for best results!

Ingredient List:

1c baking soda

1/4c cornstarch

3/4c water

On the stovetop, mix all the above ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil stirring consistently.  Once bubbling, turn to medium heat and stir until the mixture is thick- the consistency of thick mashed potatoes.  

Then remove the clay from heat and let cool in a covered bowl as not to let the clay dry out. You are welcome to add a few drops of essential oils or food colouring or even rose petals! 

'Flour' your table with cornstarch on parchment paper and start to create! If the clay is to sticky add cornstarch and if you find it too dry add a little water.

With this recipe you have the option to allow the clay to air dry- leaves a smoother finish or you can choose to bake the clay at 170 degrees for two hours- this option is more durable. Whatever option you choose be sure to 'flour' the bottom of your art to allow for movement and also rotate or flip your art for even drying.  Once they are dry, you can smooth the edges with a little sandpaper or nail file.


Now, for this specific project! I have made sweetheart garland and gift tags.

You will want to roll out the clay as even as possible and choose the perfect cookie cutter.  I chose to divide my clay into two and colouring one with a soft mauve. I placed the two balls of clay together and gave them one or two twists then rolled the clay out.  The more you twist the more the colours become one, so I try to twist the colours the least amount possible to give each colour more definition. 

To add holes I used a straw, but if you wait and let the clay set for a few minutes you can carefully use a skewer to add smaller holes.  Be sure to let your mind go wild! Add stamps, texture with florals, leaves, foliage or little finger prints!  If you choose to create garland, tie your hearts together with wire, string, yarn or twine.  If you choose tags, tie them with ribbon or lace.  

I hope you enjoy this art project and really let your mind go.  This recipe is truly endless with its options and I will be showing so many more fun projects with this recipe soon!


Aleena xx